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We have an exceptionally large network of lenders that we work with to find the most favourable mortgage rates or interest rates, packages and terms for our clients. We provide you with options for finance to suit your needs.


At FAM Brokers we are able to work one-on-one with each individual client, evaluate their specific needs and offer many financial choices. In many instances we can find a loan for applicants that have been refused credit by a bank or financial institution.

FAM Brokers save you the time and stress of researching to find the best mortgage rates and terms for your specific needs. 

We don't just offer Home Loan services, we also find our clients a suite of loans and finance to suit their personal and business needs. 

We work with many Businesses for their equipment, expansion, vehicles funding, leasing or finance short and long term needs. 

Are you aware that when you apply to a bank you can only be offered that particular banks products. Mortgage and Finance Brokers deal with many banks and lenders which means you have many more options available to you. If you don't fit a banks specific criteria you may have your loan declined. We research to find the best bank or financial institution to place your loan, this gives you the best chance of having your loan passed. 

Applying to any one bank limits your options in regards to your financial requirements, that's why using the services of a finance broker makes good sense. 

“A Recent Clients Debt Consolidation Savings $$$ Example

Recently a new client in Queensland came to us to consolidate their debt.

They had an existing home loan, second mortgage, 2 x Personal Loans and 4 x credit cards.

Their Repayments for their debt was $4980 per month…..

After we refinanced them they now pay $2508

This is saving of $2472 per month, or a saving of $570.46 per week.

The savings don’t end there…..their new interest rate on their mortgage now is also

0.96% lower than their previous Mortgage.”


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Other services include:
Business and Personal Loans and Leasing
Business Factoring Needs
Corporate Financial Wellness Programs
Finance and Budgeting Seminars

All of our staff are tertiary qualified with life experience, and we understand life happens. So why not call us now 0430 077 581, 0432 273 732 or Email: admin@fambrokers.com.au

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Looking for a Home, Refinance, Investment or Renovation Loan?

We can provide you with choices for your housing finance.

Looking to buy a Car or need a Personal Loan?

Why not ask us to help you get that car, boat, surgery or something else that you have been looking for?

Looking for Commercial or Business Solutions?

We work with Business to help them with their Finance solutions,